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word of the kid 1

Word of the kid. (今日の子どもの一言)

Question1. Why the egg-carton became a monster?



Answer :Somebody put a big egg,so it couldn't close. It made its angry.


The cave man / 洞窟おじさん

I got a television drama's script .This drama called "The cave man".

It is about the man who lived in the cave 40 years! This is a real story, he is still living somewhere. For this drama, I made the logo and am drawing some illustration. I heard the hero is Lily Franky,wow! I am looking forward to watching it:)


Jomon festival / 縄文フェスティバル

I went to Jomon festival to play "stone flute" in the tour. It is first Jomon festival in Machida city. The Ainus came here to pray for the fire. I didn't know that there are many places connecting with Jomon era in Machida.