word of the kid 1

Word of the kid. (今日の子どもの一言)

Question1. Why the egg-carton became a monster?



Answer :Somebody put a big egg,so it couldn't close. It made its angry.


The cave man / 洞窟おじさん

I got a television drama's script .This drama called "The cave man".

It is about the man who lived in the cave 40 years! This is a real story, he is still living somewhere. For this drama, I made the logo and am drawing some illustration. I heard the hero is Lily Franky,wow! I am looking forward to watching it:)


Jomon festival / 縄文フェスティバル

I went to Jomon festival to play "stone flute" in the tour. It is first Jomon festival in Machida city. The Ainus came here to pray for the fire. I didn't know that there are many places connecting with Jomon era in Machida. 


picking strawberry /イチゴ狩り 

I went to Naruto to do picking strawberry:) 40min all we can eat 1600yen. It's not expensive. Moreover there are 5 or more kind of strawberries they are growing! wow.. It was quite fun to compare these tastes. yummy~~~



Wedding / 結婚式

Today is my sister's wedding! I made vails for my sister and our dog Momo. They did it in the church. I felt like..I am in Europe .Umm.. church's wedding is nice. I want to do in the same place! Anyway, Congratulation!!!




Pyramid / ピラミッド

 I went to Egypt to see the pyramid. It was my dream to ride the camel in the desert, so it came true! ho-ho! Well.. I was surprised that there are a few cameleer who are children. They speak "camel language" as adult do. Wow! I was so impressed!! I even didn't know that there are camel language in the world. Anyway, I want to say thank you for everything that my travel was finally done safely.



Pamukkale / パムッカレ

In Pamukkale, one of my dream came true. so I rode the balloon!! Yeah!! I haven't known this place though, It was really great. I liked these situation. They don't make fences, so when somebody make a mistake, they will die. It means they are living next to danger. What a beautiful! I think a danger makes us strong.


Cappadocia / カッパドキア

This is Cappadocia! In this place, I took a tour. The tour was fun, because they told me history about here. People was hiding those kind of mountains digging the rocks. Also they dug the ground to make under ground city. hah...human is ..so powerful. umm..great.


Istanbul / イスタンブール

In Istanbul, I liked to see the market. It was rough and untidy but also tidy,beautiful and colorful. Many various things are jumbled up. What an interest place! Oh, and so.. I was surprised that when I arrived in Turkey, I heard an announcement of pray. Everybody hear it everyday, everywhere. THIS IS THE TURKEY!! 


Greece Islands / ギリシャの島々

Greece Islands are amazing...!!! I felt like, I was in the picture book or games. OMG. What a mystic place. It may be the greatest place to see the sunset. Some visiter who I met is coming this place many times. So this place holds a fascination for people! I also want to come here again.